Import a Dynamics Organisation v8 to a v9 Installation

Ahmed Sawalhy   •   March 10, 2019

Importing an organisation from Dynamics CRM v8 to v9 can be a bit troublesome. You might face strange errors like the ones below. Fortunately, in this article, I compiled a list of possible issues and their solutions.

SQL Assembly Error

First issue you might face is a SQL assembly error. It looks something similar to this:

The solution is to install the following four packages:

  • System CLR Types x86: link
  • System CLR Types x64: link
  • Shared Management Objects x86: link
  • Shared Management Objects x64: link

Marketing Solution Error

After fixing the issue above, you might get something similar to the following:

The workaround is to edit the ImportConfig.xml file at:

Open the file and comment the following line:

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Full-text Indexing Errors

You might faced this error only when importing the same DB after the above failed attempts. Importing on a clean restored DB did not produce that error for me.

To resolve the issue, delete the full text indexing from the following tables:

  • ColumnMappingBase
  • PrivilegeBase
  • ImportEntityMappingBase
  • ImportMapBase
  • WebWizardBase
  • TransformationParameterMappingBase

To remove a full-text index: in Object Explorer, right-click the table, select Delete Full-Text Index.

Important Note

The above issues are not the only ones you might face, of course. Hence, to avoid hair-pulling moments, after every failed attempt, you must import again on a clean restored DB; otherwise, you will face strange errors that are hard to resolve.

In addition, workarounds can cause unpredictable issues; you must retest your whole solution to make sure it works as expected.