Elevate your customer experience to new heights

Step into the future of effective collaboration and information sharing. Revolutionize how your team connects with customers and partners, offering personalized content that sets new standards in satisfaction and loyalty. Harness the latest in intelligent technology to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring every interaction becomes an opportunity for excellence.

Adaptisoft is an expert in this domain. We develop tailored portal solutions to help organizations seamlessly connect their data, systems, and human resources across the entire enterprise. Whether you’re looking to enhance your intranet, redefine your online presence, or foster innovation through collaboration, our team of experts will design and implement the perfect portal and collaboration solution for your needs.

Information Sharing

Share relevant information with your customers and partners.

Streamlined communication channels

Leverage multi-channel support to connect with your customers on their terms, ensuring seamless interactions across voice, chat, SMS, and social media.

Optimize operations

Automate routine tasks and guide agents with AI-powered suggestions, freeing them to focus on complex issues and deliver solutions faster

Empower Customers

Offer an intuitive self-service portal with a comprehensive knowledge base, allowing customers to find answers quickly and efficiently.

Anticipate Needs

Utilize predictive analytics to proactively address customer needs before they become issues, setting a new standard for service excellence

Ignite your sales spark

Unlock the power of efficiency in the dynamic realm of sales. With Dynamics 365 Sales, experience a seamless boost in productivity as routine tasks are automated, intelligent insights are at your fingertips, and the sales process is simplified. By seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology and familiar tools into your sales workflow, Dynamics 365 Sales empowers your team to prioritize relationship building and deal closing.

Real-time Analytics

Gain profound insights into your sales performance using cutting-edge real-time analytics. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you’ll have immediate access to comprehensive sales data, allowing your team to make informed decisions on the spot.

Ai-powered Sales Insights

Utilize AI to revolutionize your sales approach with Dynamics 365 Sales. Tap into predictive analytics and smart suggestions for growth opportunities, accurate sales forecasting, and enhanced customer interactions, driving amplified sales performance.

Sales Forcasting

Utilize advanced prediction tools to analyze data, anticipate sales patterns, gain insights, and achieve ambitious goals with confidence.

Accelerate Success

Power up productivity with Dynamics 365 Sales

Experience the power of Dynamics 365 Sales as it revolutionizes your sales process, elevating productivity to new heights. Seamlessly streamline tasks, gain valuable insights, and foster seamless collaboration, empowering your team to focus on sealing deals and nurturing customer relationships. Discover the incredible potential of Dynamics 365 Sales in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

  • Automated sales processes

  • AI-driven insights
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft tools
  • Highly customizable

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what people are saying

With Dynamics 365 we’ve seen huge benefits from having unified customer profiles and leveraging machine learning to really understand our customers better.

Karla Lawson – Contact Center Coordinator

Dynamics 365 Customer Service streamlines the customer experience by providing agents with keen insight into each customer’s journey, by delivering an efficient and memorable customer interaction.

Tas Mims – Global Contact Center Manager